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    Welcome to visit our website, our company is the only R & D, development and production of chemical reagents to mention feudal quartz glass distillation equipment, chemicals, electronics, pharmaceutical manufacturers in the solvent distillation, separation, concentration and recovery of high-tech special equipment enterprise. Tel :0392-3338989 13903922307 Fax :0392-3330980

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    f 2015/6/6
    British reckitt benckiser 1000 tons/year electronic-grade hydrogen peroxide production device 2013/5/11
    Dilute nitric acid concentration, nitric acid distillation production 2013/5/11
    Jiangsu green ling group 30000 tons/year of sulfuric acid purification 2013/5/11
    Electronic grade methyl iodide quartz purification equipment 2013/5/11
    Hebi Venus oversize sulfuric acid battery device manufacturing 2013/5/11
    Road of the sulfuric acid industry in the development of 2013/5/11
    Hebi Venus manufacturing large-scale sulphuric acid purification device 2013/5/11
    Electronic grade super clean high purity reagent equipment exported to Pakistan 2013/5/11
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    The north Korean government procurement missions 2013/5/11
    Large quartz sulfuric acid dilution device - domestic original hebi Venus 2013/5/11
    China chemical reagent industry association, a solemn statement 2013/5/11
    Venus new technology, new type quartz waste sulfuric acid concentration and recovery device 2013/5/11
    Hebi Venus - net ultra high purity hydrogen peroxide production technology and equipment 2013/5/11

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